Topic: This is not a customer support forum

We have noted an increase in people coming to this forum for support issues with the Insignia Infocast products.

The Infocast is an Best Buy/Insiginia product, manufactured and supported by them, not by Chumby Industries.  Even the 3.5" device, which is *similar* to the Chumby One, is *not* the same hardware, and may behave differently.

If you are having problems with your device or have feature suggestions, we encourage you to contact Insignia directly.

This forum is for general discussions, hacks, etc. for the device.  For other things, you should post on the Insignia forum for these devices.

Re: This is not a customer support forum

OK, I seem to be getting some hate mail for this one, so let me explain a bit more.

Sony and Insignia are not *resellers* of chumby devices - they are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

In general, we provide direct customer support only for devices that have the Chumby logo on the device itself.  For instance, if you buy a Chumby One from Costco (which is a reseller in the US), we support that device.

In the case of the Sony dash, Sony elected not to use any of Chumby's hardware designs, or even most of the firmware.  The amount of chumby technology is relatively modest - primarily access to the chumby widget catalog.  We also wrote some additional software under contract to Sony, but that code has been turned entirely over to Sony and chumby has neither the ability nor the right to modify it, add features, etc.

In the case of Insignia, they licensed a bit more - they use a variant of the Chumby One hardware design, however, their factory uses different parts, they have an entirely different industrial design of their own making, etc.

In both cases, these products are theirs, not ours.  We have no rights to unilaterally add features, release firmware updates, provide betas, etc.  We cannot comment on future features, product schedules, etc  We don't determine where they're sold, at what price, and we don't process returns or replacements. We do not speak for these companies in any way. We do not provide direct customer support, since that's their obligation.  It is certainly the case that our license fee comes nowhere close to being able to offset direct customer support costs.

This does not mean that we don't stand behind the products - we have support agreements with each OEM, which obligates us to do so, but only for issues that are routed *through* them.

It has been pointed out that we do seem to promote these products on our web site.  That's certainly true from an informational standpoint but we do not claim that these are "chumby" devices except in an very informal manner - the terms we generally use are "powered by chumby", "chumby-enabled" or "plays apps from chumby industries", depending upon the depth of integration.

You are welcome to post what you wish on this forum, within the posting guidelines.  We may even respond to some of them in an unofficial capacity.  As users, you are welcome to help each other where you can. However, if you are having issues with these devices that require some sort of company support, you need to contact the respective manufacturers.

It's possible that some folks from Insignia monitor this forum, but it's not something you can count on if you want an answer to a question.