Topic: Warranty repair

1 of my 2 new Chumby Ones I bought for Christmas gifts won't respond.  I went through all of the steps on the website and contacted support.  We are unable to repair it.  However, I am then told that Chumby won't honor the warranty and I must go through where I bought it for service.  Has anybody else had this problem?  I've read, and re-read the warranty and nowhere does it state that warranty service is only available for Chumby's bought directly from them.

I'm awaiting a response from, but find this whole issue ludicrous.


Re: Warranty repair

If it's any consolation, one of my Chumbys failed during its warranty period and I was directed to Internode, the Australian Chumby reseller. They were very helpful and fast with a replacement.
I hope you will find to be the same.
It is not uncommon for initial warranty inquiries to be directed to the retailer - it is them with whom you have a contract, and they hold the record of your purchase. This is not the same as the manufacturer not honoring the warranty - the retailer returns the defective item to the manufacturer for credit.