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Hi guys,

I really do appreciate the effort of bringing the Chumby experience to Android phones, but you should really make up your mind about how you want to make money. Charging $4.99 for the app and still showing those annoying "extra apps" in the channels is not very nice. It's understandable in the case of a hardware device ("pay for the hardware, software is ad-supported") but you're going to get a lot of people angry when they realize they have ads in an app they paid for. The app should really be free so that you get the widest possible coverage (and charge your advertisers more for the increased number of eyes that see their ads).

I have a Chumby One and a Chumby Hacker Board (both of which I love), but i've uninstalled and refunded the app on my Galaxy Tab because of this.


Re: Ads in Chumby app

Precisely what "ads" did you see?

We do create an extra channel ("Android Featured") when you register, but they're all normal chumby apps, not ads.  You can simply edit or remove the channel.

We created this channel only to showcase existing apps that work well with Android.

Re: Ads in Chumby app

From the FAQ you posted on top of this forum:

Q: What are some apps occasionally appearing that I did not add to my channel?

While the Android app comes with a payment, the service backing it is free, and is supported by advertising.

That is one of the annoyances I have to live with on the Chumby One, do you mean that the channels on the Android app will not ever be altered in any way (no extra apps I didn't specifically add there)?


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The FAQ entry represents the prevailing company policy on this matter - I don't know whether or not the company will exercise this option, and I'm not in a position to state officially either way.

I will bring this up internally.