Topic: Frequently asked questions

Q: What is chumby for Android?

A: chumby streams your photos, social news feeds, weather, stocks and anything else you add to your chumby channels while your device is docked. You can add different content to your channels from the device, or from your computer at Lean back and let chumby entertain you, or tap the screen to interact.

Q:  Where can I get chumby for Android?

A: chumby is available from the Android Market. Your device must have access to the Android Market, and must be running Android version 2.2 (FroYo) or later. Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or later is also required to be installed on your device. (This is free in the Android Market).

If you have a barcode scanner application on your device, you can scan this image to open Market to the right entry:

Q: I don't have a dock for my Android device. Can I still use chumby for Android?

A: Absolutely! Once you have downloaded the application from the Android Market, you can launch it without a dock, just as you would with any other application.

Q: How do I configure the chumby application to play in dock mode?

A: Once the application is installed, when you dock your device, a menu will display asking you to choose which application you would like to run when the device is docked. Select chumby to allow the application to play in dock mode.

Q: I installed chumby for Android and it is asking me for a chumby username and password. I don't have one -- what do I do?

A: Go to on your computer (or your Android browser) and select the "Log In / Create New Account" link. Then select "Create New Account." Once your chumby account is created, you can sign into the chumby for Android application.

Q: What permissions does this application use, and why?

A: The application requires the following device permissions:

1) INTERNET - to fetch apps and data from the Internet
2) ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE  - to determine whether your device is connected to the network
3) READ_PHONE_STATE - to access the IMEI in order to build a unique device ID for certain devices that have invalid Android IDs
4) WAKE_LOCK - to keep the device awake when playing widgets - this is configurable in the Device Info panel
5) ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - to access the WiFi MAC address to build a unique device ID for certain devices that lack IMEI

We also collect information about the make and model and some other generic attributes (screen resolution, features, Android version, etc)  of your device for diagnostic purposes.

The application does not access or transmit your phone number or location.

Q: What is a channel?

A: The channels on a chumby are like channels on a TV: they show a specific "line-up" of programs (called apps). The difference is that you choose the programs you want to see, in the order you want to see them, and for the length of time you decide.

Q: I just installed the chumby for Android application and there are programs (apps) showing. How do I change what is playing?

A: Press the menu key on your device. From here, you can add an app to your channel that is currently playing (choose "Add app") or make a new channel/manage other channels (choose "Manage channels"). From Manage channels, select the channel you would like to play, press the Menu key and then select "play channel."

Q: Can I preview an app before I add it to a channel?

A: Yes, when you are browsing new apps  from "Add app," select the name of the app you would like to preview, then press the Menu key and select "Preview app."

Q: One of the apps in my channel has a message on it saying to configure online. What do I do?

A: Sign into from your computer and go to my chumby > my channels. Select the channel the app is located in, then select the "customize" link.

Q: The apps seem to play only on a portion of the screen - how do I make them use the entire screen?

A: While playing chumby apps, open the menu and select More->Device Info.  Deselect the "4:3 Aspect ratio" item.  Note that not all apps will display properly with this option disabled.

Q: How do I set the amount of time that applications play in my channels?

A: While the app is playing, you can select Menu > More > App timing to change the amount of time each app plays. Alternatively, you can also:

1) Go to Menu > Manage channels > select a channel > select an app > press Menu > app timing

2) Log into and go to my chumby > my channels. From here, select the app you would like to change the timing for, and select "customize."

Q: How do I remove a channel?

A: From the channel player, press the Menu key and go to "Manage channels." Select the channel you would like to remove, press the Menu key and then select "Remove channel." You can also do this at from my chumby > my channels.

Q: How do I add a channel?

A: From the channel player, press the Menu key and go to "Manage channels." Press the Menu key, and then select "Add channel." You can also do this at from my chumby > my channels.

Q: When I registered the application, there was a new channel added to my account.  What is that?

A: When you register the device, the server will create a default channel of representative chumby apps that have been tested to work with Android.  You are free to edit or remove this channel if you wish.

Q: Why do some apps in my channels not show up on the device?

A: Some apps have contractual restrictions that require that they are only made available on certain devices.  Some other apps are judged to be incompatible with the device environment, possibly due to the slightly different security restrictions between the chumby devices and Android devices, or the different display behavior.  In the latter cases, apps will very likely be updated to handle the new environment.

Q: What are some apps occasionally appearing that I did not add to my channel?

While the Android app comes with a payment, the service backing it is free, and is supported by advertising.

Q: When a channel is playing and I press the menu key, sometimes it gets overlapped by the app that is playing. What's up with that?

A: This is a known issue that we are trying to resolve with Adobe, who owns the Flash Player 10.1 plugin chumby uses to play apps. This only happens when you have the menu visible and the next app in your channel starts to play.   It also occurs in other applications on Android, including the standard web browser.

Q: How do I find help for this product?

A: chumby is dedicated to helping you. Just email us at