Topic: Infocast 8" hosed after update?

Picked up an 8" infocast yesterday, and got up and running with no issues.  Played around with content a bit and was very impressed and happy with the device.  A couple hours later I get a message asking if I want to update, and I said yes. 

After the second reboot the system started up and went into the activation screens, as if I had never activated the device.  I tried skipping, rebooted, rebooted and restored to factory defaults, etc.

One strange thing that I noticed is that the serial # no longer displays on the screen with the dots, as if the unit doesn't know what it's own serial # is.

I also tried logging into my account, deleting the original device registration, and re-trying the whole process above again.

Here is the really weird part:  when I first registered and set up my infocast, all of the screens and the "look" of the unit was consistent, with the green insignia background and logos, etc...Now, aside from the bootloader screen, the activation and whatnot appear that they belong to a Chumby One or something...really big font, blue/white color scheme etc.  Without knowing what really happened and just guessing here, but it looks like the unit decided to download the wrong device's firmware.

I was hoping to find the infocast-specific firmware somewhere that I could try applying via USB stick and see if that would do the trick.

I really don't want to return my Infocast but at this point I am pretty stuck.  Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.

Re: Infocast 8" hosed after update?

You need to bring this issue up in the Insignia forums, not here.

Re: Infocast 8" hosed after update?

We are having the same problem. Since the last software/firmware upgrade, we are getting the same message to reactivate. It won't reactivate ... It will come up after several power offs/ons.

There is obviously some issue with this upgrade ... why don't you post the fix? We'd appreciate it.