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Topic: debug port

The serial debug port is a 4 pin connector on the corner of the board. It is designed to be connected to a USB-to-serial adapter that uses a FTDI FT232R chip. There are many tutorials about this adapter and you will have no problem to find information for this. The pin layout may be different from other boards. No great deal.

However you must know that the CHB has a 3 Volt interface which is not compatible to the 5 volt FTDI adapters. This is no great deal since the FT232R chip can be configured for both modes.  Your adapter should have a 3/5 volt configuration jumper.

If is does not, then just unplug pin 4 (VCCIO) from the 5 volt supply voltage and connect it to the 3 volt supply from pin 17 (3V3). Those pins are small, but you are skilled...