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Apologies if I've missed these answers elsewhere, I'm about to start playing with an Infocast for home automation, and I was curious if anyone has gotten Python compiled successfully on it. I'm assuming the process is the same as listed on the wiki.

Also, can I assume that serial is a straightforward entry in /dev? And, has anyone gotten GPIO working yet? I found some answers on the forum but they relate to the MX223, not the PXA168 CPU.

My goal is to use serial as the interface, Python for control, and Flash or HTML for display. I think this would make for a sweet home automation system. Thanks!

Re: Python / Serial / GPIO?

See this page.

Re: Python / Serial / GPIO?

As for GPIO, here's some commands to set them high or low:

# Start by making sure all three pins are GPIOs:
    regutil -c MFP_49=7 -c MFP_54=7 -c MFP_55=7

# Set all three pins as outputs:
    regutil -w GPIO2_PDR=0x00c20000

# Set them all high:
    regutil -w GPIO2_PSR=0x00c20000

# Set them all low:
    regutil -w GPIO2_PCR=0x00c20000