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Topic: chumby one - reboot loop

i have just unpackaged my chumby one, skipped the demo, set the network connection, calibrabrated the touchscreen and now it seems to be stuck in a reboot loop, it turns on, shows rings, makes a bubble sound, and then hangs at the chumby logo and reboots after a while

ok, i found out about the special options screen - does not work... seems to load it, then hangs..., after a while reboots

thanks to your wonderful live-chat support, i was able to track down the problem to a access-point compatibility problem.
so far it seems to work, when i disable 11n wireless and enable wpa and wpa2. i'll try to track this issue further down. (i'm running hostapd 0.7.2 on a custom debian router).

Re: chumby one - reboot loop

Please contact Customer Support.  If you scroll down on that page, you should see a ink for Live Chat.  They should be able to help you.