Topic: connecting an IR receiver to the serial port


I would like to be able to use an IR remote controller to control my Chumby guts kit (Chumby classic based).
As I'm building the Chumby into a wall I won't have room for any USB peripherals so I will need to use the serial port.

As the serial port appears to be running at 3V (right?) and my IR chip is able to run at 3V too, should I be able
to simply hook them up as in the drawing below?

------------  --- Vcc -----  100Ohm --- + -------+----------------  Chumby +3V
|          |                            |        |
|          |                         100nF    10K Ohm
|          |                            |        |
| IRM38BL  | --- data ----------------------------+------------------  Chumby RX
|          |                            |
------------  --- GND ------------------+---------------------------  Chumby GND 

My electronics skills are a bit rusty so I'd like to know up front whether this should work before I toast my Chumby :-)