Topic: Control Panel 2.8.57 is available

An interim control panel (2.8.57) is available for the chumby one and chumby classic devices.
To downoad the new control panel, please reboot your device.

This control panel addresses some minor bugs and enhancements, including:

- USB music fix
- Touch mute (press on the volume slider circle to mute) for all volume controls
- Hex/ascii selection screen has been eliminated, single wifi passphrase entry only
- Help text changes for WPA/WEP
- Able to input 64 character WPA hex passphrase/key
- SHOUTcast logo has been changed in the music source to say SHOUTcast Radio
- SHOUTcast is now listed as SHOUTcast Radio on main music list and set audio screen of custom alarm
- [chumby one only]: FM radio range is 87.5 to 108.1 and adjusts in 0.2 increments