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Topic: Broken power button.

Hi there,

First off, I love my Chumby Classic. I love listening to the BBC on it. I have all my favorites in pandora. It's a wonderful device and I would recommend it to friends.

Recently I was pressing the power button, and it seems to have broken into the device. What can I do to get it repaired? It's about 2 years old...

I really miss having my Chumby!!

Please let me know what my options are. Thanks!

Re: Broken power button.

Hi there,
The chumby devices sold by chumby industries have a 1 year limited warranty which would cover hardware problems like yours.  But if your chumby is 2 years old, it's most likely out of warranty and would not be able to be repaired or replaced.  Chumby does not offer paid repairs on out-of-warranty devices; so the only option would be to try and fix the problem on your own by using the advice and instructions of the many experienced folks here on this forum on the "Hardware" section under 'Chumby Development'. 


Re: Broken power button.

If it's out of warranty and you don't have the skill set, ping me. I do this type of service work on some consumer electroincs like Roku, Rio, Chumby and some others.
Regards, Matt