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I found an Infocast today with an hour of employee searching after UPS had misrouted my online order halfway across of the US. After showing the employees a picture along with the item # and sku, we went through several departments to search for it. It wasn't with the clocks, picture frames, home appliances, or any such place. It was actually around the Leapster educational toys near the exit. Even with all of that searching I was back to return the device within the hour. I know that that isn't really something with your involvement, but if someone whom does browse here with some form of input on that side they may find it to be another of the complaints that seem commonplace. I would like to make a suggestion that would have helped with the reason that I exchanged BB8 #1 for BB8 #2.

I found it kind of odd that after the intro movie played I needed to press an on-screen button prior to any calibration. I know that the baked-in values should be fine to let it work without issue, but the screen seemed to be 100% unresponsive since I could not press any of the 3 buttons. After restarting the device, I found that I was unable to click the "Exit" button during the tutorial movie. I restarted with the screen held since I've messed with the C1 a bit and was able to get into "special options" mode. The first thing that showed up was a calibration screen which did respond to presses. It responded until I had to drag the ball, thou.

The best approximation that I could come up with is that the calibration screen was taking pressure values from somewhere which wasn't the calibration points. If the "XHAIRS" could be enabled "dragging" portion of the calibration screen, I would have at least had a better understanding if I was flubbing something up or if it was something hardware based. I know that this could be a moot point as it is more of an additional step to verify calibration and it is pretty easy to demonstrate to a returns desk.

Luckily the employees at the Bestbuy I purchased it at were extremely accommodating and I was able to explain my problem, illustrate it to them, and get an exchange. I'm having my fingers crossed in hopes that when UPS gets my other BB8 sorted out it will not have a similar fate since my nearest BB now only has one BB8 on-site.

Re: BB8 (Infocast) initial startup

Yes, I think we found this issue on a couple of other devices and now have a fix in place.  Thanks for the feedback.

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