Topic: USB webcam + WLAN server?


I would like to stream 640x480 video at at least 10 frames per second using Chumby One. The camera would be a USB webcam and the video would be streamed to a PC via the WLAN. It would not be necessary to show the video also on Chumby One screen, live streaming to the PC would be enough.

Is Chumby One powerful enough for this use?


Re: USB webcam + WLAN server?

For reference, here is a USB webcam video streaming done with 400MHz Atmel ARM9 CPU (AT91SAM9G20):

This demo most probably streams the video over the ethernet, not WLAN, though. Is WLAN heavier for the CPU than ethernet?

Re: USB webcam + WLAN server?

It should be possible.  Though you may need to pull some tricks, and it depends on the camera.

Without writing a driver, I've gotten 2-3 FPS video going from a webcam to the screen.  I was using the built-in V4L drivers, and was basically pulling from /dev/video0, noticing it was a JPEG file, and then drawing it with imgtool.  The "driver" was written in a shell script, and I'm honestly surprised it worked as well as it did.

With a C program, you should be able to get better performance.  Especially if you talk to V4L directly.

Re: USB webcam + WLAN server?

Do you talking about the product likes Logitech 960-000415?