Topic: Vertical green line on chumby one

Has anyone seen an instance where if you leave your chumby on for a good long period of time, a one pixel vertical green line will appear going down the display.... If you unplug (and sometimes if you just turn off and reboot).. it will dissapear.. but eventually will come back

I tried a USB firmware update
Swapping the power brick for the other Chumby One's PS..
Im sort of afraid to send it back, only to not have it happen on me..

Right before i was going to send it back last time it behaved for a few days..
Then started doing it *again*

Re: Vertical green line on chumby one

Interesting - does this line stay on all the time, or just with certain widgets?

It is there when the Control Panel is open?

Is it still present in Night Mode?

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Re: Vertical green line on chumby one

It appears but not as visible/bright in night mode,
Happens on all widgets, including the control panel...

I have some photos if your interested...

Re: Vertical green line on chumby one

Sounds like a hardware issue - may be as simple as a loose cable.

See if Customer Support can help you.