Topic: ID10T error (yes, I'm the idiot)

In the course of hacking my Chumby Guts into Something Awesome, I managed to short across the battery-backup header while the unit was powered up.  Perhaps not unexpectedly, the display went dark, and no amount of fiddling with the tiny little power switch, or the bending unit switch, or combinations thereof, or unplugging and replugging power will bring it back.  I've managed to determine that the daughtercard is "fine" (in that when I plug that daughtercard into a known-good Chumby Guts, it works), and likewise the WiFi riser card, and display (because I finally just replaced the mainboard in my Something Awesome setup) so I've clearly damaged something on the mainboard.

My question, to those much more knowledgeable, is this at all recoverable?  Is there some sort of fuse or breaker that can be reset that I just haven't located?  Barring that, is there some way to obtain just the mainboard (since the rest of the components all work)?  At this point, I still have one working Chumby Guts, so I can finish my project, but since I paid for two Chumby Guts, it would be really nice to have two working Chumby Guts (and perhaps two Somethings Awesome).

And yes, I know it was incredibly idiotic and careless of me to short that.  If I end up with a bricked Chumby Guts, I'll have to live with that failure.  I've already added this to my personal list of Crap I Should Take Pains To Avoid Doing.