Topic: chumby one

Yes, the rumors are true :^) … humby-one/

Different look -- some will love it, some will still prefer the Italian leather "chumby classic" which will soon be back in stock, so take your pick;

Lower price -- $99.95 during a brief pre-order period (so pay attention to our blog and this Forum), then $119.95 each or $99.95 for orders of 2 or more -- so buy early or buy many :^);

Has a battery option -- doesn't ship with a battery, but accepts a standard rechargeable battery for fully untethered operation;

Only available at -- so don't even *think* about scouring Wal*Mart for one ;^)

WRT the new chumby one, we will make sure that the latest news is posted first here in our Forum -- so stay tuned.