Topic: Alarm Troubles

I've had some interesting problems with my custom alarms recently.  I'm using the Beta Control Panel, so the option is available to dim or brighten the screen.  Those alarms suddenly stopped working a few days ago.  I can set them up, but the brightness of the screen never changes unless I do it manually.  Is anyone else experiencing problems with the bright/dim alarm functions?

Coincidentally (maybe?), around the time those alarms stopped working, my entire list of custom alarms was cleared out.  I had to manually re-enter all of them.  Is this just a risk of using the Beta Control Panel?  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  It wasn't a big deal since it happened over the weekend and I caught it, but had it happened overnight during the week, my morning alarm wouldn't have gone off, and I'd've been in big trouble.

Re: Alarm Troubles

Hmmm, I'll ask QA to look into it, but yes, that's a risk with betas.