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Hi there everyone. 
I'm new to the forums, but i've been a chumby fan for a while!
Anyway, I'm working on a series of hand painted customs for chumby and I want to share my process with you all.
This is a custom chumby i made a couple months ago:

I'm blogging about my process at
or you can follow it on my flickr page! 

Feel free to ask me about any of the materials i use!  I've done many customs of vinyl toys and Chumby def has its own unique challenges. 

About the project, I'm working on a series of 5 hand painted Chumbys to be sold on the Chumby website.
They will be different then the one pictured above, but you can see the sketch on Flickr.   
More information coming soon, but I hope this turns into a really neat artist series. 

Check it out!

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Very cool!

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It will be great till the chumby has an overheat issue or a bum wifi/screen and you cant get it fixed ....