Topic: Dye / spray paint Chumby

I'm planning to buy a Chumby and looking to customize it right away.
I see that it’s fairly easy to take apart the Chumby but putting it back it may not be back to 100% as in the leather wont be as snug or tight fitting?

My question is it better to take off the leather and dye it, or is it possible to dye the leather with it on the Chumby?

Or would it also be easier to leave the leather the color it is, tape it over with painters tape and spray paint the bezel / plastic parts instead.

Just looking for a few ideas before purchasing my Chumby to see what could be done. I've seen the pictures of the various customized Chumbs but doesn't seem be much information on the best way to go about? I guess just experiment and see?

Also any recommended spray paint or dye that anyone has tried and worked out well.

Thanks for any info provided.