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The original Chumby has an LED hole in upper left side. The newer ones instead have three little holes for the mike in the lower left side.
Here is a picture of the original version 1 Chumby Bezel.

Does anyone have both - Can they help me to know if the Bezels are the exact same shape. They look slightly different in the images.

If they are the same then I will only have to make one Bezel for both models.
Can anyone indicate measurements for the three little holes so I can add them into the model ?


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Don't bother at all with the bezel with the hole in the upper left - that was only for the limited run alpha prototypes (aka Foo, Katamari) units.  Only a few hundred were manufactured, they were only for developers, and there are only a handful still operational.  The device is no longer supported by the company, and most people that received them (for free) have replaced them with production units.  At this point, I don't believe we have any of these units in the field that are actively used.

Also, it was not an LED - it was a light sensor.

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Thanks for that Duane. So that just leaves one question.
Is it the same shape as the new models ?

If it isn't then I wonder if there is a new CAD file for the Bezel ?
Any official comment ?

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Yes, the overall external shape is the same.

I'l ping bunnie to see where the CAD files are for the new one.

Re: custom Bezels

Any Progress  or information ?

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I'll have to look into why our links on our website are out of date, they should have the latest stuff there...I requested a new push of items but maybe there was some confusion.

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Re: custom Bezels

Thanks bunnie :-)
FYI here is a visual compare between the two.
and in case anyone is interested I'm using Deep Exploration.

More news soon...