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Topic: Lost all alarms

I woke up this morning and my alarm had not gone off.  When I looked at Chumby, it says "off" on the bottom and was still in night mode.  When I looked at my alarms, they were all gone.

Last night I had gone in and put in the night script referenced at http://forum.chumby.com/viewtopic.php?id=1985 (script from second page and used a wget

I added a crontab entry so my crontab looks like this:

chumby:~# vi /psp/crontabs/root
0 3 * * * /usr/chumby/scripts/sync_time.sh
* * * * * /usr/chumby/scripts/flashplayer_watchdog
*/10 22-24 * * * /psp/scripts/goodnight_chumby

My widgets are all there and was able to put in two custom alarms.  By the way, even the regular alarm was reset to midnight, the last time I used it, I think it was at 8:00 am or sometime around that.

I am running beta control panel 2.7.16

I was able to go in and put in new alarms with no problem.