Topic: Chumby Project organization

Dear all,

I've just got to know Chumby, a couple of Weeks ago. I am really fascinated with the idea and with the community's work.

I would like to prepare a case study for the university on an open source project and I chose Chumby for that. I hope you can help me.

I have just a couple of questions: Do you know how the Chumby project is organized. For instance, who makes the decisions on the community's contributions, if they suit the product or not. In addition, do you know if there is a kind of project leader who is administrating the Chamby project?

I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks!

Re: Chumby Project organization

The chumby is not actually a "community project" in the sense you seem to mean, like, say Mozilla or Linux.

There is a normal, everyday, venture capital-backed corporation (Chumby Industries) that pretty much does all of the work, except, of course, for the components from the Open Source and Free Software worlds, and the third party widgets, which are created by individuals with (currently) no formal organized community.