Topic: My Streams timing out

I seem to have a problem with streams just dying in My Streams under 2.6.83 after 5-6 minutes, just re-hitting play usually gets it to re-start the stream...
Am i the only one?

Seen this with a few ogg streams so far, havent used Mystreams all that much..

Re: My Streams timing out

Hmmm, we'll look into it.  We recently got an update from the upstream author of BlueTune that addresses some issues with Ogg streaming.  Can you provide a link to one of these Ogg streams?

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Re: My Streams timing out

Figures the streams i use are both down right now.. Grrrrh... Now thats NOT a chumby issue...
Tried the Club977 80's mp3 stream and its doing it .. but usually a bit longer between connection losses...