Topic: Alarm not shutting off?

This morning I could not shut off the alarm. Here's the set up:

Using current Beta control panel (Chumby not in front of me right now, but the version number ends in "5" I think)

1)    Set alarm for 7am
2)    Action: Internet radio station for 30 minutes.
3)    Sleep 5
4)    Do nothing

Alarm SET is checked. DO NOT SHOW ALARM panel is also checked.

Before it went off, Chumby lost the network connection, so when I woke up (before 7) I saw the default internal clock. I waited to see what it would do. At 7, an alarm went off (a series of "beeps" I'd call it). I pressed the top button, but nothing happened. I pressed every thing I could think of, and even went into the custom alarm panel and deleted the custom alarm. But the beeping wouldn't stop. Finally had to turn the power button off, then on again.

Is that normal? Is there a way I could have turned it off?

Re: Alarm not shutting off?

What happened is that the chumby failed to access the SHOUTcast station and fell back to the internal beep - since you had the alarm screen disabled, the beep is transformed into a "music source", just like the original SHOUTcast stream.

What that means is that if you'd gone to the Music screen, you'd have seen the music source "Alarm" and hitting the "STOP" button would have stopped the alarm.

I agree this is a bit clunky, but the priority here is to wake you up even in the event of a network failure.  Product Management is looking at handling this situation better from a UI standpoint.

Re: Alarm not shutting off?

Ah. Okay -- I'll remember next time. Incidentally, when the Chumby loses a network connection, does it try to connect again on its own? How often?

Re: Alarm not shutting off?

No, in the current beta it does not. That will be fixed.