Topic: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.6.75

To run the Control Panel Beta on your chumby, select the "Try the new beta software" link on the "my chumby dashboard" page, then select "Control Panel Beta"  from the popup menu and reboot your chumby.  To return to the release Control Panel, just reselect "Control Panel" (without the "Beta") on the same page and reboot your chumby.

If you are running a previous beta, simply reboot your chumby.

Release Notes:

Version: 2.6.75
Release Date: 3/6/08

Summary: mostly bug fixes related to the reliability of alarms and widget player during network disruptions.  Also adds "None" alarm audio source.  There are virtually no other UI changes.  We are making this slipstream release available in order to address these issues before the longer term Control Panel 2.7 project.


* adds timeout logic for most network-based alarms to fall back on the Beep alarm tone when the service is not available.
* adds fall back to Beep alarm tone when alarm set to My Music Files, but no music files are found
* fixes some logic regarding rescheduling of alarms in certain combinations
* honors alarm duration more reliably for alarm tones and tracked sources such as Mediafly.

Widget Player:

* adds timeout and availability logic to fall back to the built in clock widget during network failures.
* reduces network traffic in "Night Mode"


* displays custom widget instance names as appropriate