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Topic: Learn from others mistakes... Nabaztag


OK, before anyone thinks I'm bashing.. I'm not!

Just a constructive suggestion... Have someone at Chumby go read the entire Nabaztag forums.. Look at the problems, answers, suggestions, make a list and do a self inventory. There are lots to be learned from their mistakes, User comments and suggestions, and even about their network outages and the backlash it's causing.

I'm no business guru, but I seem to remember someone speaking about researching others failures so you don't make the same mistakes. Dr. Phil? anyway

I would love to see you succeed at this. I'm already a huge fan and becoming a chum-ho with the purchase of my 3rd Chumby looming. lol

So take a moment, and learn from their users misery.


PS.. They just debuted a new one at cebit 08, I won't be buying this one either...
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