Topic: Scrapblog is AWESOMETASTIC! is a new beta (of course) photosharing site that is linked to flickr.

Why am I writing about it here? Well, for one it is heaps cool, fun and so pretty! (Warning: potentially humungous time suckage ahead!) But that is not why I am so excited I can't type this fast enough!!!!

Scrapblog is based on Flash...chumby is based on Flash...I'm hoping maybe it could be a marriage made in heaven!  You can get an RSS feed so people can subscribe to your could set up amazing scrapbooked photos and messages for Nanna! She'll love it! You can also embed your pages in a blog or website. And you don't have to get glue all over your fingers!

Now...even if it doesn't work because of some's OK!!!! Because you can save your scrapbook pages to flickr and use chumby's flickr photo widget.....happy, happy, joy, joy!!! This is going to make chumby so much better than just a digital is a digital scrapbook!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my first my furbaby...I love getting in early and getting a good URL....
Check it out and leave me a polite and encouraging comment! It is my first attempt at scrapbooking. I've never started because I knew how much money I'd spend and the last thing I need is more craft supplies in my house.

It seems a little buggy at the moment but there is a new version on its way and it might just be a little slow 'cos it was blogged on Popgadget via Techcrunch today.

Off to do a happy dance now....wheeeeeee! big_smile

Re: Scrapblog is AWESOMETASTIC!

Taking a look at the Flash they've done - they've fixed the dimensions of their Flash to 770x600, and have disabled scaling.

We'd need for them to let us specify something better suited to the chumby's dimensions - I tried specifying other dimensions but they seem to be ignoring them.

They don't seem to have a way to contact them - but I'll pass on the link to the bizdev guys and perhaps they can make a call.

Re: Scrapblog is AWESOMETASTIC!

You are welcome to use my existing scrapblog page or I can whip others up for you to test, if you like.

Is the flickr widget able to be configured to point to my flickr account? Doesn't seem to work...I just get everyone's photostream.

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We're in contact with Flickr to try make this easier, but at the moment, you need to follow the instructions in the FAQ.

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Thanks...I'd read that two days ago...duh!

One slight hiccup...I shouldn't get excited before I thoroughly check things out. It seems like you can't export to flickr just yet. sad

Techcrunch explains where the company is up to best here....naughty pogadget!

The version they reviewed will be released with flickr and YouTube export features before the end of the year.

**YAY!!!!!** big_smile

Just a suggestion....
Why don't you guys do something like this for your site? But a bit friendlier like 'Who made chumby?', with would fit nicely with your open policy (as Kaiki suggested). Do you have PR people yet? guys are doing a darn good job yourselves, I must say!

I also have a great cheap advertising idea that I will post one day...

I was just thinking about why I like this so much...well it is quite a bit like Adobe Photoshop Elements which I use to communicate visually every day...minimal cognitive load...

Re: Scrapblog is AWESOMETASTIC!

Well, here's the thing - we haven't done *any* PR or marketing, and we don't intend to until the product is ready.  We've never issued any sort of press release, we've never sought out the press.

All we've done is give away some chumbys.

Since Foo, we've been barraged by press contacts, but we've been trying to hold them off.  Steve put together the chumblog and did a podcast interview mainly because, in the absence of information, people were simply manufacturing totally incorrect things about us and the product.

Our intent was to get some feedback from real users on a prototype.