Topic: Chumby is widget cycling

(disclaimer: I left the doc cd at work)

I've added a few widgets to the chumby so it's all super once I got off my backside and grabbed a voltage adapter for Australia.

Just a quick question though. Is Chumby supposed to cycle through the widgets automatically?  It spends about 30 seconds or in each widget then cycles on to the next one which means with things like the flickr widget it always starts at the first image, gets about 3 in and then does that every time with flickr widget comes up smile

Re: Chumby is widget cycling

Yes, currently the chumby network is configured to simply cycle through whatever widgets you have configured on your My Chumby page. Eventually, more user control, time lengths, etc. will be added.


Re: Chumby is widget cycling

Yeah this was my first question - would be very useful to be able to leave it on a widget until manually changed - and possibly add a setting to control the length of the cycle if user chooses to have all widgets cycle. Might even be cool to organize widgets into categories and then customize with categories will be cycled only.

Useful non-cycle widgets would be news, clocks, animations. Right now, if I want to develop a long running animation, I can't because it will cycle out after a short period of time.


Re: Chumby is widget cycling

The developer picks the length the widget runs, currently, so technically, you could ;-)