Topic: 2.6.54 Channel Selection: Too many steps?

After getting used to the channel menu on my Chumby with the insider release Control Panel, I find the extra step to change channels irritating. 

From a UI perspective, I think it's more than possible to integrate the Reload, Change, and Info buttons into the Channel Change menu, particularly since the initial Info menu is effectively exactly the same.  I must say the Info menu is a nice addition for people with lots of channels or "guest" users, though.

I also understand the reason for the reload button, but that's either a matter of setting the value of a variable to the current channel upon loading the channel change menu (if you wanted it there), or possibly putting a little reload button under the channel display on the main Control Panel: there's space under the channel display on the front of the "Virtual Chumby."

The extra step just doesn't make a lot of sense to me.   Does anyone else agree?

My brother got me the Chumby for Christmas, and it's awesome.  I'm amazed at your swift implementation of the music options as well.  Good job!

Of course now, I have to learn Flash.  smile

Re: 2.6.54 Channel Selection: Too many steps?

I think what you're describing is actually in the current release version of the Control Panel - and users found it confusing and cluttered.

We also intend to add more local functionality with regard to channels and widgets, and need the additional real estate.

In any case, none of this is frozen forever - as you've seen, we're not totally shy about revising certain areas as appropriate.

Re: 2.6.54 Channel Selection: Too many steps?

<one reboot later>

Aha, yes.  I never bothered hitting the little info button at the bottom left before I tried out the Beta panel.  To tell you the truth, I don't even think I _noticed_ it, or the reload button.  But I find the release version better in this one area.    If the "Info" and "Reload" buttons were the same texty ovals as "Change" and "Cancel" in the Channels Menu, I doubt anyone could be confused.

As far as the Beta goes, it's mostly the extra step I dislike.  If that's forward-looking to give you another screen to add functionality, it makes more sense.  A few years ago I was trying to build a wearable, and I understand screen real estate at premium prices.  Mostly, I thought it would be useful for you guys to get the feedback on how others felt about it.  I look forward to watching the evolution of your product. 

And heck, worst case scenario, if I don't like how it's shaping up, instead of whinging about it, I can always write my own, can't I?

<begging>Please tell me you'll open-source the ActionScript, in that case.</begging>

Also, your response time is impressive in the extreme.  I work with technology vendors, and know whereof I speak.