Topic: News Item Email & Always Display Time

I just got the Chumby a few days ago and I have a couple ideas.  I apologize in advance if these have been mentioned before.

* While it could be time consuming to retroactively add to all existing widgets, I'd like to see an "always display time" option.  Basically this would display the current time on all non-clock widgets.  This would be useful for those of us that use the Chumby where we used to use a clock.
* For news widgets & other "feed" based widgets I'd like to be able to mark entries for later viewing on my computer.  That is, if I see something interesting on the Chumby, I'd like to be able to tap a button and easily find that item on my computer.  Perhaps it could send me an email or I could view a list of my "flagged" items on the site.