Re: *Where* is your chumby?

On my nightstand, right where my alarm clock used to be. 

If I had 3 more Chumbys (Chumbies?), I'd have one in the bookcase in the living room, one on a shelf in the office, and one on the kitchen counter.

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Re: *Where* is your chumby?

Beside the bed, I can "surf" each morning without getting out of bed.

I describe the Chumby as my Alarm Clock on Crack. (sorry if that offends anyone)

If I had more, I'd put one in the living room beside the couch and one in the kitchen.

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

On my bed-stand as my alarm-clock at night and in the morning it in the bathroom streaming music for shower-time XD
Its easy to move without restarting it once i had put that 9volt in, t's great.

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

By my nightstand of course. I use it mostly as alarm clock, but to tend to tinker and hack with it on the rare occation that I get some free time.

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Re: *Where* is your chumby?

The Chumby (to be named) has been "chumming" in the living room since Christmas where it kept watch over the Christmas presents.

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Re: *Where* is your chumby?

On my nightstand. It never moves, and I wouldn't want it to.

In the morning it wakes me up and tells me to bring an umbrella.

By day it flips through photos.

At night, it entertains me with a game or video before I fall asleep.

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

Watson is either on my nightstand or right beside my computer monitor.

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

Chumby #1 lives most of the time on the nightstand, but he also has a big battery pack so sometimes wanders to the bathroom so I can listen to music in the morning or just follows me around some days.

Chumby #2 lives on my desk at work, but I worry that he will grow legs and walk away sometime so he gets locked up at night.


Re: *Where* is your chumby?

Tabatha lives in the living simple as be touched by my "2 years and half" son...

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

Kitchen -- for all to enjoy.

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

i am trying to get it to work at my job, i usually use it at home but i recently got another power adapter  so i can take it to and from work without wires! fits in my briefcase!

however the wifi in the building requires accepting a EULA to operate. says "You might be using a wireless connection that requires you to accept an End User License Agreement before you can connect (this is common at hotels and certain wifi "hotspots"). Because the chumby does not have a web browser, you will not be able to "click-thru" and accept an agreement. The chumby will not work in this situation."

i posted another thread  called "getting chumby to accept EULA from a hotspot or corporate wifi" @ "" for some community input . so it looks like it will remain my super alarmclock by my bed at home....unless...a hack comes along that i can use to get around this

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Re: *Where* is your chumby?

My chumby currently keeps warm next to my laser printer sitting on wire shelving above my PCs LCD.. Yes I am tempted to pick up another one to put by my bedside, but even iv taken the chumby to sit on my bedside table a few times.... wink

I know the chumby is all about cost/size.. Think it be cool to see a *picture frame* size chumby to go with the regular size chumby... This thing is better than some digital frames iv tried...

Will i possibly get another one for the bedroom. You bet wink

Oh his name currently is Squishy... No idea where i pulled that one from

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

"Bumby" is usually in my bedroom, but sometimes travels to work. When not playing shoutcast streams, Bumby spends time charging my iPhone and telling me the weather.

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

Bedroom, i use it for just about everything i can. smile

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

On the table next to my big chair in the living room.
If I had it next to my bed I would never sleep because I would constantly be checking for new content.
I'd love to have one at work, but IT specializes in saving us from ourselves and I haven't hacked the firewall yet.

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

Do you have your chumby at home, or at work/school?

at home

If in the home, where is it?  Bedroom? Family room? Kitchen? Bathroom? Somewhere else?

i move it all over the place...thats one of the things i love about it. Right now its in the diningroom
next to my macbook

Did it start there, or was it somewhere else at first? If you moved it, why?
this was the first place i used it...but i often take it to bed and use the alarm clock function

Do you find yourself moving the chumby frequently?  If so, do you change what it does based on location or time?

yes...what i am doing and where i am at that particular time of the day

Do you find yourself tempted to get more than one to put in different places?


Re: *Where* is your chumby?

Mine started life next to my computer in my home office. Within 2 days my wife had appropriated it for the kitchen, and changed his name to 'Dave' - a 'Red Dwarf' reference. She also fended off my 12 yr old boy's begging to have it in his room. She uses it to listen to Internet radio and never tires of watching the 'Screen Cleaner'.

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

Evilchumby moves every day from nightstand to couch and back. It's because he wants to be near to me ;-)

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

ChumbaWumba sits next to my PC monitor in the office.   One day he will end up in the bedroom.  Maybe I will set up two power cords and a 9V battery to keep him alive for the trip between rooms.

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

The Chumby sits in the bedroom and is our main alarm clock.

We both flick through some of the widgets (weather/photos/calendar/etc) before sleeping.

He has made the occasional outing to work but not too often.

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

My Chumby (Chucky II) sits on the counter between my kitchen and dining room, in Omer, southern part of Israel, and seems quite happy

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

There seems *so* many outside of USA Chumbys 'in the wild' - pplleeaassee can we do a poll / map ? I'm seriously curious about plotting locations on the Globe (...thinks of the 'prediction of outbreak' scene in the movie 'Outbreak' - "the red areas represent Chumby outbreaks....")

(oh, and please let non-US citizens buy Chumby clothing - if you're really worried about credit card fraud, use Paypal to assume the risk/reward...)

Re: *Where* is your chumby?

As in this post ( there is much demand for a WorldWide Chumby monitor! I anyone at Chumby HQ is reading this - can the info be made available?

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Re: *Where* is your chumby?

Update - May 22: It's now in hand - arrived a day early!

  May 22, 2008 @ 11:25 AM

My Chumby is now... In Louisville. But I am -not-.

Ya know, since way, way back in the days of the old Mac 840av Computer, I've never quite anticipated the arrival of a techie device as much as I look forward to this one.

I'm buying it to give to my 10-year-old nephew, but I get to try it out for a week before I travel with it cross country to give it to him. I have a suspicion that I'll be buying another one rather quickly after that for myself...

So, this fits the category, "Where is my Chumby?"

Chumby, where art thou today?

  May 21, 2008 @ 3:13 PM
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Package Progress
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ANCHORAGE, AK,  US     05/19/2008     2:47 P.M.     ARRIVAL SCAN
CHEK LAP KOK, HK     05/19/2008     9:25 P.M.     DEPARTURE SCAN 05/19/2008     2:42 P.M.     HUB SCAN 05/19/2008     2:40 P.M.     HUB SCAN
SHENZHEN, CN     05/19/2008     9:17 A.M.     ORIGIN SCAN
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Re: *Where* is your chumby?

At home, the chumby is in the hallway between the living room/kitchen (litchen) and the bedroom to serve as picture frame, radio, and alarm clock.

In the car, I use the chumby as an MP3 player. I set it on the dash and it belts out tunes with great quality. Perhaps one day I'll tie it into the car stereo. Also, I had fun playing the pendulum widget on it while driving.

At work, it sits on my desk and feeds me webcams, woots, LOLCats, and The Onion.

The new battery pack has made transitioning between a LOT easier- no need to shut-down.