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Imagine this hooked into Chumby, so the outer surface could be a display. No doubt it would cost a fortune unless you could get Phillips to send you a piece for demonstration's sake, but man would it be cool.

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Yes, I love all this stuff...wait until you see some of the e-textile mods I have planned for chumby...of course, I don't have the R+D budget that Philips has but I'm quite happy with what I have been able to do so far...

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That would be sweet, isn't that stuff expensive?


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OK where can we get some e-textile or some workable e-yarn or conductive polymer yarn?

I was looking at this site
and was wondering how to get the textile.  I could get a whole new charge out of knitting...

There is also a metal fiber out there I'm investigating.. at this site … /Yarns.htm

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