Re: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.6.48

Hmm.  Our alarm didn't go off this morning while we were running the beta (it did go off yesterday, and it's been reliable previously).  It's set to weekdays, 6:00am, beep.  The time and date on the Chumby is correct, the alarm is red and the asterisk is there in the control panel to indicate that it's set.  Chumby was showing the default blue Chumby clock channel at the time (I know, boring boring).

Re: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.6.48

Steve Tomlin wrote:

There are some holiday music channels on Shoutcast -- no idea if any are good.

You have the best possible holiday music channel already in Radio Free Chumby, though -- it's Jon Solomon's 24-hour alternative holiday music marathon on WPRB!  It's famous -- he's been doing it for over 20 years.  Starts 6PM (east coast time) on New Year's eve day (I think) and continues through Christmas Day.

Whoa, wasn't aware that PRB had an internet stream. I moved away from the area about 5 years ago and lost decent reception to the station. How did you guys all the way on the left coast become familiar with WPRB?


Re: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.6.48

Ooops, meant Christmas Eve Day through Christmas Day -- I don't think that even Jon can stay aware for 51 weeks straight.

I grew up an East Coaster, then wised up and moved to San Diego.