Topic: Local Weather Radar down again

Any idea when Local Weather Radar widget will be up and operational again?

Re: Local Weather Radar down again

Probably not until after the lockdown is over.

We started having problems with data coming from the source, or... actually, NOT coming from the source, which was causing our caching server to get backlogged to the point of not being functional.

The last time this happened was during the budget battles last year, when we had the federal govt shutdowns.

on second thought, I'll turn it back on, and watch the logs to see if it starts getting too laggy again.

edit: still dragging the server down, sorry.

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

Re: Local Weather Radar down again

Thanks for the speedy update.  I was thinking it may be due to the lockdown.

Re: Local Weather Radar down again

It looks like there still might be due an issue with the chumby proxy server -  The direct connection to the National Weather Service feed for radar images is working fine (e.g.


Re: Local Weather Radar down again

We blocked the entire domain just to get the system back up.  We'll take a closer look to see if we can just block the specific requests that fail.