Topic: Sony Dash C10

When my Insignia Infocast 3.5 gave up the ghost, I acquired a used-working Dash C10 on eBay for a modest sum.

I used the instructions in this forum to Chumbyize it.  [They worked the first time, so thanks!]  Only thereafter did I find the Device Info screen saying the following:

CP Version:  4.10.0
Browser Version:  (Unknown)
S/W:  1.7.0
F/W:  1.7.1461
Model Number:  HiD-C10

I'm left wondering what, if any, functionality my device might lack because of its firmware, and if an update to 1.7.1526 is advisable.

I currently find a lot of broken apps, to be expected at this stage in the product lifespan I suppose, but even some of the "featured" apps seem broken (for instance the NPR News App, which loads but is bereft of posts).  In contrast the The Hill app daily posts populate in summary, but the "Read More" link is not operative (presumably because of the unknown browser?).

The "This Day in History" app seems to operate normally, but the Google News Top Stories app behaves as the The Hill app in displaying headlines but the "Read More" link doesn't respond when touched.