Topic: FS: Chumby Guts NIB (unopened box)

Clearing out some stuff, and I found a Chumby Guts kit that I bought from the Maker Shed in 2009. It's still sealed in the original box.

PM me for photos of the sealed box with unmolested Chumby sticker. I prefer to allow the buyer the pleasure of breaking the seal.

I know I paid $139 + shipping for this because I have the receipt. I have no idea what they're worth now.

PM me if you're interested.

Re: FS: Chumby Guts NIB (unopened box)

Hi bassluthier,

I am interested but unfortunately you are unable to PM until you post a few more times. (spam filtering).

You can email me larrygon

Look forward to seeing the pics!


Re: FS: Chumby Guts NIB (unopened box)

Thanks for your interest, Larry. I just emailed you. I'll snap the photo tomorrow and send that, too.