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Topic: Google Calendar not working

I have re-authorized my Google Calendar twice now, and it always says success, but it never works.
Is this a known problem? Probably.
But I am reporting it just for completeness.

It might be that SSL problem.

Re: Google Calendar not working

I implemented the SSLFIX v3 from
https://sourceforge.net/projects/chumby … lease_3.0/

and it's all working again.

Re: Google Calendar not working

After I installed the SSL fix on the three infocast 3.5s they are all working.
I looked at a couple of infocast 8s, and the threatpost widget seems to have no data. That widget works on the infocast 3.5s after the ssl fix was applied.

But the google calendar, which I think uses SSL, seems to be working. Same as on the Infocast 3.5s playing the same channel.
So it seems that ssl is working on the infocast 8s.  So the ssl fix is not the problem.
I read through the threads and it's not at all clear that the ssl fix is appropriate for an infocast 8 anyway.
Is it? Does the infocast 8 need the ssl fix, or not?

Re: Google Calendar not working

The threatpost widget still has no data on the infocast 8, but it works on an infocast 3.5.