Topic: Repost of Chumby-Dash Dec 2017 Comments

Realize that older comments can get "buried", thought it worthwhile to repost:

1) Thank you again to Duane & Co. for resurrecting our Dashes !

2) Since the Chumby-Dash is reportedly picky about USB drives, thought it might be useful to report success with SanDisk brand "FIT" drives in both 16GB & 64GB sizes. These are tiny drives that easily fit with the Dash "cavity". Only negative is that SanDisk has apparently stopped including their lanyards with the drives. The lanyard makes it easier to extract the drive from the Dash. Worth noting that when the Dashes were new, 64GB thumb drives were much physically much bigger and cost almost as much as the Dash!

3) Although we seem to be limited to mp4 videos, am amazed at the excellent movie/video playback quality. Other single-core devices with similar clock speeds from early in this decade choke on many videos ! Found "Free MP4 Converter" works excellently for converting other formats (like .mkv) to MP4 on my Mac AND is actually FREE without watermarks or other annoyances. Found selecting "1280 by 720" for MP4 file output gave good results on the Dash (allowing the Dash to optimize display) without dramatically increasing file sizes.


Re: Repost of Chumby-Dash Dec 2017 Comments

I'll try it out...