Topic: usb musc and video prob

for some reason the dash is not seeing anything that's plugged in the usb ..  how do I let it see the  music files  on the usb  and is there only a format of video that it will see ? avi .. but as far as the music files chumby not seeing it .. is there a limit of capacity  it will see I have a 64gb .. it worked before  ?  hope someone can help on this simple fix lol  thanks

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Re: usb musc and video prob

1-Try a different USB dongle.
2-Check music file types. Dash can handle most types but may not play some codecs. Not sure which ones would not play. My dash will play almost any standard music file. MP3 would be the best choice.
3-Not sure what the maximum size USB drive you can use but I doubt a 64gb thumbdrive would not work. Try a 16 and see if that works.
4-Try restarting Dash and see if that may help.
5-I'm sure there are others on this forum who can help you further.
6-I also think the Dash can play quite a few types of video formats. MP4 is a good choice.

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Re: usb musc and video prob

Also verify the filesystem; it was formatted as NTFS then there may be issues.  Pick FAT or FAT32