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Topic: Would it be possible..

to have a widget, similar to URLimage that could handle animated gifs, or a version of "local radar" that could access such?

http://shoalsweather.net/radar/myownrad … mbia60.gif

There are still a few such weather radars, local and state, that do not require "https" .

Re: Would it be possible..

I believe the Flash Player will display a static GIF, but not an animated GIF.  I think you'd only get the first frame.

There was a guy at Chumby that wrote a server side script that converted animated GIFs into Flash Movies, but I don't think I have it.  I have also seen AS3 implementations that read and parse animated GIF files, but that might beyond the performance of the chumby processor to do in a reasonable amount of time, and only some chumby devices have AS3-capable Flash Players.

Re: Would it be possible..

I take it that "local radar" couldn't be modified?  It does seem to load an animated image (?)