Topic: Ability to move widgets between channels?

I'd like to be able to do this, so I can have a channel and my girlfriend can have her own and perhaps a third that we can share.

Any ideas? I'd prefer not to have to re-add all the widgets

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Re: Ability to move widgets between channels?

If you go into "My Channels" you can use the "send" feature that is shown on each widget thumbnail. You can send the channel to someone else or just to a different channel. All of the settings stay intact with the copy so this should save you some time.

If you are sending it to someone else's account, they need to first set you up as a "chum". I did this as I have two separate accounts for each of my Chumbies.


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Re: Ability to move widgets between channels?

Thanks for the tip - would never have spotted that!

It's still a real pain to do any real number of moves, so I think I'd prefer a drag and drop method. Like Flickr's Organiser.

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Re: Ability to move widgets between channels?

I was just thinking about this too.  I just got my Chumby and trying to figure out how I want to organize everything (is there a Best Practices anywhere?  lol) and I've been moving things around between channels, and with so many clicks to move even one widget, it's a PITA when you have to move everything in a channel.

But other than that, it's pretty cool smile

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Re: Ability to move widgets between channels?

It would be nice to select more than one widget to move to a channel at a time. (Any chumbians listening? Duane? Hello?)

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Re: Ability to move widgets between channels?

Using a JavaScript library such as Mootools, Scriptaculous/Prototype or Y!UI this sort of functionality (dragging and dropping list items between lists) is pretty easy.

Here's a demo that uses Scriptaculous/Prototype because that's what the Chumby site uses elsewhere at the moment: … eListsDemo