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There are lots of suggestions on this site of how people want to change chumby's gizzards but what about his skin? (not meaning the interface alpha-geeks!)

Would you prefer a different colour surround or bezel? Do you want the surround to be stitchable (TPE) or gluable (TPU)? What kind of fabric would you like to have it covered in? Are you happy with the off-white with tan suede and all black combos?

This is a bit of a chance to have some input...maybe later down the production track you might get your wish...

Re: Chumby skin...

These are all great questions. The brown/coconut and black/black color combinations were primarily chosen due to what fabric materials were in stock and easy accessible and to keep the units fairly "neutral" looking for the initial FOO Camp release. We're by no means tied to any particular color combinations or fabrics at this time and are starting to toy with different ideas that are practical for mass production (of course, we can't please everyone which is why the chumby is hackable for anyone to change).

But, we'd love to hear ideas for different colors and fabrics, whether for production or for your own hacks!

The flat pattern is coming today - I just need to clean it up a bit and add some notes/descriptions.


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i like the colour perspex i got today. its black, but seethrough. its looks tha shiznit.

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Re: Chumby skin...

Woo hoo! I've been hanging out for the flat pattern - now I can get started on my crafting! Nice to see you back from the Labor Day holiday Joe - now get straight onto this flat pattern housework! (pretty please!)

I really like the suede but as I posted elsewhere probably a brighter white for the plastics. I'll ponder the fabric question. I don't like vinyl, particularly black vinyl at all. What is that black fabric?

For the bezel I'd like a brushed silver metal... or if metal is not possible possibly a silver plastic like LG uses for TVs, LCD screen surrounds....Not sure how you'd colour match this with a TPE surround though...might have to go black/white surround, silver bezel, not sure about that.

Actually for colour matches, I'd tune in to the new Ikea catalogue and follow their lead. (We are having an October release due to a new superstore opening in my neck of the woods so I haven't seen more than the cover at this stage (most unfortunately)...I've heard the colours are pretty loud).

As a crafter, and I know you have plans for this, I'd like to be able to get several surrounds and bezels in different interchangeable system to suit my moods and my preferred chumby cover for the week.

Also, it is imperative that TPE spares are available for modders. I have a LOVE chair from Ikea that has piping that I am guessing is made of TPE or something very similar. They have sewn too close to the edge and it has split straight through. I imagine that by resewing I will go through several TPE covers.

Any idea at this stage what these parts will sell for?