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There are a lot of excited people who would like to use a Chumby as a wi-fi remote control for their Squeezebox music players.

It would provide album art and complete control over searching, playlists, etc.  In short, the ultimate remote control for the device.  There are some Nokia 770 users doing this but the 770 is expensive and not available in many countries.

The main roadblock at this point is that there's no flash interface for this device.  It's command-line or web page interface only right now.

But if you build it they will come, and these two products seem to go hand-in-hand: Slim Devices is also a company that relies heavily on its community.  The server software is open-source with a lot of community involvement and plugins are generally developed by users.

Watching and waiting not-so-patiently for a Chumby...

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Re: Feeding frenzy over Chumby at Slim Devices

From my post to the Slim Devices Forum:

"I would love to see people create ways for the chumby to interact with the Squeezebox/Slim Server. It *would* be great to have the chumby serve as a kind of remote control for Slim Server. And what I *really* want, and I might dedicate a full chumby to solely this purpose, is to show me the album art and the song title of the song that's streaming. How cool would *that* be -- and how popular at my next party!"

Re: Feeding frenzy over Chumby at Slim Devices

As one who contributes a bit of code to slimserver, I'd be very interested in working with a chumby and seeing what kind of fit exists now, and what might be required to make a better fit.

Of course, the next issue is whether it is available/can be shipped to canada.

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As the person who started off the feeding frenzy, what sparked my interest most was the colour touchscreen and the possibility of browsing my albums by artwork - to me it's the missing element of digital music playback. I still covet my old LP sleeves!

I am a dab hand at OpenLaszlo, but I'm based in the UK, so perhaps can't help, unless you want to ship a Chumby out to me! I was also in my previous life the CTO of a mobile software company, so I know a bit about constrained devices - I worked with ARM a lot too, so familiar with their tool chains.


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i reckon there should be a raffle or something and one lucky person gets a chumby. or maybe whoever has the mosts forum posts who isnt a chumbian gets one big_smile

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Maybe that person just posts a lot of garbage *cough*
I think the first 10 people to join the fourms! heh


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*LOL*  Is that what you lot are still doing here? Maybe they should be given on the number of words posted? I reckon I'd win hands down.