Topic: wiki: allow file uploads?

Hi -

I would like to include the source code for a widget I've written … lop/WebCam

But I can't upload the .zip file.

Can we activate that, or can you suggest how I could share this stuff folks?


Re: wiki: allow file uploads?

The server hosting the wiki doesn't really have the storage for big zip uploads, so that's turned off.

We're considering adding source code upload to the main server, but we've taken a look at the size of some of our own FLA files and found that in general we'd need at least an order of magnitude more storage to host them than we do with the widgets themselves - that's on top of the issue of making sure we're not being used as a warez server.

Re: wiki: allow file uploads?

I can completely appreciate that. 

I've hosted my source code on my own server, so that solves that problem. 

Thanks Duane!

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Re: wiki: allow file uploads?

I do not mind donating webspace for chumby developers, I have set up, You can upload up to 50 MB of content (No Download Limits)