Topic: When reporting bugs...

If you find a bug in the beta releases, please:

* Review the Release Notes in the Beta Feedback forum to see if the bug has been listed as known

* Review threads in this forum to see if you bug has already been reported - if you have new information that will shed more light on the bug, please add to those threads

* When posting a bug, please indicate the version of the beta software you're using - the version of the Control Panel can be found in the upper right of the main Control Panel screen.

* If the problem manifests with a particular widget in the current channel, please indicate which widget that is.

* If there's some set of settings that manifest the bug, please list them all - for instance, for a malfunctioning alarm, we'd like to see all of the settings for that alarm - which type of alarm (weekday, daily, one time, etc), which audio was selected, snooze time, etc.

* If there are other repeatable steps that you feel might be important to manifest the bug, please add those.

This will assist us in tracking down these bugs.  Thanks!