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Well, I scrapped my Raspberry Pi in a chumby project.
The Pi runs really hot, the rat's nest of wiring made me nervous, and there was no decent user interface.

Don't despair, because I have found something that may work as an alternative.

Here's the PyPortal Titano from Adafruit:

It's expensive and uses a language with which I have no experience. The big upside is that it's compact, runs cool, has a touchscreen, built in wifi, connector for a speaker, connector for physical buttons.
The biggest upside? It's exactly the same size and resolution as the original chumby screen!

I'm just learning python, but it may be possible to paste multiple .py programs onto an SD card and have the pyportal cycle through them.
(either on a timer or with a press of Chumby's bend switch) This looks tricky and I can't promise I will ever get it working.

There are already a good amount of Chumby-like projects freely available: … n/overview … k/overview

There are some limitation to the PyPortal that mean it will never be as robust as a Chumby, but we can approximate it.

Re: Yet another chumby project

These do seem pretty light from a performance standpoint, but could be used for some simple chumby-like functionality.

From what I can tell, these are running at 120MHz vs the original 2006-vintage chumby at 350MHz, with 256KB of RAM vs chumby's 32MB, and 8MB flash storage vs chumby's 64MB.  I would have expected something a bit beefier after 14 years.

You are correct about the recent RPis getting a bit out of hand from a heat standpoint - I feel they hit the sweet spot at the RPi 3B, balancing power, performance and heat.  Starting with the 3B+ and the 4, you now have to pay explicit attention to active heat dissipation - plus all different power and HDMI connectors on the 4.

I look forward to see what you do with it!

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Amazon had the Pine64 for $7.99 for awhile. It came back at $15.99. Still a bargain. I bought 2 while they were cheap. I need to see if I can Chumyize it! … rs/rock64/ … d_rp_1_1_t

Re: Yet another chumby project

What are you trying to get it to do that is making it overheat?
The chumpi I designed has been running now for years, perhaps I can offer assistance?