Topic: Resurecting Chumby One

During "old junk" cleanup I found my wife's Chumby One which wasn't used for past 10 years.

First I have tried to power up it but it came up I'm not able to power it up without a battery so I have got new battery and was able to start it. From there I got to the settings but what I found I have no Default channel but shows "Unsubscribed". Do I need to subscribe to get old channels from my wife's account?

Going forward it was power on for half a day and showing that battery is charging. Then by the end of the day Chumby was off. I have power it back. It was showing that battery is almost fully charged but when I have disconnected power supply it was showing that battery is almost dead. Then it shut down after few minutes (with power supply connected). What's up with that? Also why I can't power up Chumby w/o battery?

Thanks for any help!

Re: Resurecting Chumby One

It's very likely that the power supply is weak, the chumby one came out during the period of bad capacitors, and every one of mine ended up having problems with the power supply.

A 2amp 5 volt power supply, with the right plug on it, will wok, or if you, or a friend, have some skills at soldering, you can replace the bad caps in the power supply.

With a good power supply, the battery is optional.

And, yes, you'd need to subscribe to get the widgets from your wife's account.

The resurrected chumby service has to pay for itself now that the original company went out of business back in... 2012, I think it was.

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

Re: Resurecting Chumby One

Well, ended up replacing that capacitor from the wiki page and Chumby can boot w/o battery.

Also got 2amp 5v power supply but it came up that plug is too thin smile

Re: Resurecting Chumby One

Sweet! glad to hear it!

I have been known to just cut off the plug from the original chumby power supply, and put that on a new power supply.

Alternatively, you can get the right plug from digikey. part number: CP-017-ND

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.