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Re: [Help Wanted] Chumby Widget Testing Spreadsheet

In an effort to organize testing the available widgets on Chumby.com, make it easy to contribute, and (hopefully) focus future development, I've been working on a spreadsheet in Google docs where anyone can post results on any widget on any device. The spreadsheet is organized in worksheets, with each worksheet corresponding to a category on the website. It'll eventually have a row for every widget on the website, but it's not there yet.

There is a column for Year/Version, intended to reflect the year that the widget was last updated. However, I realized partway through making the spreadsheet that you have to open each widget's page to see when it was last modified. More importantly, there's a column for each device where you can list how well it works (Good, Fair, or Poor) and it'll automatically color-code itself depending on what's typed in. (There's a field after the last device for placing comments.) Finally, there's a column for listing whether or not each app lets you configure settings (URLs, colors, etc.) from within the app. With flash becoming more and more depreciated, I'm concerned that it'll be harder and harder to access an app's settings page on the website. So, in my opinion, being able to change a widget's settings within the widget would be a good way to future-proof it.

Want to help? Just head to the category in the spreadsheet and find the widget you're testing. (If it's not there yet, write it in.) Then find the column that matches your device and type in how well the widget works. That's it!


Re: [Help Wanted] Chumby Widget Testing Spreadsheet

This is a really clever community project idea and I'll for sure contribute as I got a Chumby recently and am testing out a lot of apps.

Re: [Help Wanted] Chumby Widget Testing Spreadsheet

I'll help.  I have 3 devices running - would be happy to jot down what apps I have that work.