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Topic: Anything NEW going on with Blue Octy?

Just wondering what is happening if anything. Are there less units operating? Any new apps? What's the future look like? I use mine daily (except for one unit that is not plugged in). Thought I could stir up some interest.

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My Dash just keeps chugging along.  It works better than it ever did under Sony. big_smile

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The issue currently is that I'm traveling a lot for work - I was out of town four days last week, and I'll be out of town the rest of this week.  Except for a week or so where I had the flu, I've been traveling almost as many days as I've been home since the beginning of the year.

What I have done is get the old Chumby firmware build systems online, and I can now build new firmware images.  I have built firmware images for all of the Chumby and Insignia devices which should include full SSL support, but I have done no basic sanity testing yet.  I need to make some changes to the build to bring in new timezone files, since the ones currently deployed are a bit stale. This will be important if the US is serious about changing Daylight Saving policies.

I am occasionally fixing and deploying updates to widgets, which sometimes include content server deployments, and I am, of course, continuing to provide basic customer support by email.

There's some natural attrition of devices, mostly as a result of devices failing or being damaged, but it's slow.

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Thanks for the update!

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Thanks for the update, Duane. I can certainly appreciate that your JOB is what pays the bills. But you still seem to have a passion to keep BlueOcty going. I just have checked this site from time to time and see no/little action. Didn't want things to go stale. I really like using my Chumbys/Infos/Sony Dashes. Happy trails!