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Topic: Resurrected Another C1 - Corrupt SD Fix on Windows

I bought a cheap C1 on Ebay without a power supply and in semi-working condition. The unit powered up with my spare PSU from my Infocast, connected to my WiFi, and then downloaded the Control Panel. The unit would attempt to start CP, then black screen of death.

I tried to boot into Special Options Mode without success after many failed attempts. At this point, I realized the SD card was corrupt.

Out came the screwdriver and gained access to the mainboard. Removed the SD card wrote a new rom image to it - Success! It is nice to have yet another Chumby in the house - 2 C1's, 1 Infocast, and a Dash smile

Here are the steps to fix your SD card on a Windows PC without requiring Linux.

1. Peel off the 4 white screw hole covers
2. Remove the 4 slotted screws and carefully remove the back case
3. Locate the MicroSD card slot and gently pry the metal cover in the direction opposite of the lip on the SD card until it clicks.
3a. The metal cover is hinged so you can flip it away from the PCB about 90 degrees. Remove the SD card
4. Place the SD card in a card reader on your computer
5. Download Win32 Disk Imager from https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager
6. Download the C1/Infocast ROM image from http://files.blueocty.com/firmware/info … ng.img.zip
7. Unzip the file so you have rom-falconwing.img on your drive
8. Install/run Win32 Disk Imager and select the rom-falconwing.img file and your SD card drive letter (Do not format the SD card with Windows)
9. Click "Write" and wait until the action is complete.
10. Eject the drive letter in Windows and remove the SD card. Place it into your C1.
10a. Insert the SD card back into your C1 and flip the cover back down and gently press in the towards the lip of the SD card until it clicks.
11. Boot up the C1 and test, them reinsert the screws and covers.

I hope this helps some of the newer folks.

Owner of a Chumby One, Insignia 3.5, and Sony Dash C10. A tinkerer at heart and IT manager by trade.

Re: Resurrected Another C1 - Corrupt SD Fix on Windows

Well done!

Nice writeup, too.

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.